Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Ministry Team works to assure that guests of the church feel genuinely welcome.  They accomplish this in a variety of ways and welcome your involvement!  If you're interested in serving the church by joining the Welcoming Ministry Team, please review the volunteer opportunities below then contact Erin Moses (336-722-7563 ext 408) to sign up.

  • Worship Service Coordinator – Administrative oversight for a specific service to assure other positions below are filled and operating fully for that service.
  • Welcome Table Host(ess) – Following the worship service (approx. 10 minutes), stand at the Welcome Table to distribute gifts, answer questions, chat with guests.
  • Outside Greeter – Prior to the worship service (approx. 15 minutes), smile and greet incoming guests.  Notice any newcomers, reach out and speak with them, and assure they are “handed off” to others inside who will assist with seating, etc.
  • Covert Operators – Prior to and during the service, be watchful for first-time guests, approach these guests and welcome them, introduce them to others in the congregation, etc.
  • Shopper and/or Assembler of Gift Bags – Intermittently shop for good deals for items included in the welcome gift bags and/or assemble the bags either in a group or individually.
  • Note Writer – Cover one month of writing notes to first-time guests who attend the various worship services, thanking the guests for attending and inviting them to return.
  • Telephone Caller – When requested by a pastor, contact guests to answer questions, thank for attending, and invite to return.
  • Data Flow – Assist with tracking the names and related data for this important ministry.