Old Town Elementary School Ministry Outreach

For a number of years, Maple Springs UMC has had an ongoing support effort for Old Town Elementary School. Past activities have included appreciation luncheons for faculty and staff, distribution of Blessings Day parcels, providing books for summer reading, volunteer time in the school bookstore, providing school supplies at the start of the school year, providing basic health kits, tutoring and providing jackets for winter. Most of our past support originated with the United Methodist Women (UMW).

We have a continued interest in these types of activities, and we also have members interested in reading programs to enhance the students’ reading skills. Our support is vital for Old Town School which does not have a viable Parent-Teacher Association outlet to provide help and support.

Old Town School has a designated coordinator for volunteer opportunities who will be working with Maple Springs and other church and civic groups to see that any support offered will be effectively utilized, and that different agencies will not work at cross or overlapping purposes.

The Missions and Outreach Committee appreciates the outstanding support rendered by the UMW. We wish to build on that history, and we want the entire congregation of Maple Springs to share in the positive efforts being made for student success.

For more information, please contact Kay Tuttle.