Women's Ministries

Women in the Word
Meeting Day & Time: Tuesdays (9:30am to 11:30am) in the Liquid Classroom and Wednesdays (6:30pm to 8:30pm) in the Liquid Classroom
Contacts: Sue Ellen Thomas and Susie Gordon
This women's group is focused on bringing Christ and His word into the lives of women, to enable them to grow and to glorify God. This group conducts Bible studies, meets for prayer, and organizes retreats and service projects. Everyone is welcome to attend! This group also welcomes those interested in being a small group leader, organizing service projects, and helping with finance, publicity, and music.

Maple Springs Women's Retreat
The Women's Retreat is organized annually in February to give women a Christian retreat experience that will grow their faith as they experience God's gifts through the scriptures, prayer, small group discussions, and music. Volunteers are welcome on the planning committee and all women are invited to attend the weekend retreat. For more information, contact Beverly Lyons (336-830-1040).

United Methodist Women (UMW)
This women's group was founded in 1907 and was the first of the fellowship groups here at Maple Springs. It has been going strong ever since! Today, there are more than 120 active Maple Springs UMW members engaged in local, national, and worldwide mission. This group focuses on supporting women, youth and children as they grow closer to God and become better friends. This group also focuses on visiting homebound members of our church family.

The UMW has two main fellowship components:

  • A small group experience in UMW Circles, and
  • General meetings with a speaker and entertainment.

Circles meet monthly and details are listed below. General meetings occur quarterly. For more information, please contact Nancy Murray (336-377-9864)

UMW Circles
All women are welcome to join a UMW Circle! There are over 100 active UMW members at Maple Springs learning more about our mission: local, national, and international. UMW members help women, youth, and children as we become closer to God and each other. Circles are the small groups that allow us to fellowship and work together more closely to accomplish these goals. Each of these groups meet monthly (except June, July & August) at the church. Dates and times may vary on occasion, so please contact the leader of each circle for a current schedule.

Evelyn Strader Circle - Cokesbury Room
Meeting Day & Time: 2nd Tuesdays @ 9:30am
Group: Retirement-Aged Women
Contact: Linda Byrum (336-768-1728)

Pat Rothrock Circle - Parlor Room
Meeting Day & Time: 3rd Tuesdays @ 9:30am
Group: All women
Contact: Pat Craver (336-724-6466)

Reading Circle - Library
Meeting Day & Time: 3rd Tuesday @ 1:30pm
Group: Women who enjoy reading
Contact: Betty Edwards (336-765-5104)

Jenny Larsen Circle - Cokesbury Room
Meeting Day & Time: 1st Thursday @ 1:00pm
Group: Women of all ages
Contact: SueEllen Thomas (336-922-6287) and Trish Anthony (336-725-3441)

Ethel Bost Circle
Meeting Day & Time: No regular schedule
Group: Women supporting UMW in various ways
Contact: Linda Coleman (336-923-2122)